Making Electricity Power Networks Smarter


The ability to predict, quickly detect, locate and clear faults in distribution networks is one of the main challenges of any electricity distribution company. To cope with these challenges HiGrid has developed a line of revolutionary and at the same time affordable solutions to monitor the health of combined overhead line and underground cable distribution networks, providing accurate real-time insights on current and predictive fault types and locations

Data Collection

Real-time communicated sensor units spread along the overhead line and underground cable distribution networks to collect grid health insights

Performance Analytics

Collected insights verified against fault magnitude and type specifications and defined as actual fault or predictive data intelligence to act upon

Actionable Intelligence

Fault data analytics about fault magnitude, type and location as well as predictive fault data is sent to repair crews and control centers for immediate action


The most affordable solution on the market, detecting 100% of high-impedance Phase-Ground faults with an ability to predict critical faults and their location

HiGrid Solutions


Detecting high-impedance faults in distribution networks has always been problematic for utilities. Typically, a high-impedance fault is caused by incipient insulator failure, trees or bushes that come into contact with overhead power lines or conductors that fall onto poorly conductive surfaces, producing fault currents below the traditional ground over-current element pickup level and therefore in many cases do not trigger the protective relays. Therefore, these faults can exist in a distribution system for an extensive period without being detected. If detected in time, costly repairs and power outages can be avoided.
Even in cases in which faults were detected, currently there are no solutions in place to identify the exact location of the fault along the distribution feeder, making the repair crews drive along the combined overhead line and underground cable distribution networks, until the location is discovered, and that can be a time consuming task affecting the power outage duration.

HiGrid offers a cost effective solution to improve fault prediction, detection and localization in the distribution grid, producing greater value for the utility companies. HiGrid technology is enhanced over existing solutions by offering highly accurate high-impedance phase-to-ground fault location detection and identification of fault types that could remain undetected with conventional over-current elements. HiGrid solutions not only increase the fault handling efficiency, but contribute to lowering the cost for supply interruptions.

HiGrid IQ-CFD – Communicated Low and High-Impedance Fault (HIF) Detectors

HiGrid IQ-CFD is a family of Communicated High-Impedance Fault Detectors for both the overhead line and underground cable distribution networks. By “sensing” the nature and significance of fault types and determining the location of current and predictive faults along the entire distribution network, IQ-CFD provides real-time insights necessary for grid health situational awareness and actionable intelligence.
Installing Communicated High-Impedance Fault Detectors along the feeder helps to determine the current and predictive fault location quickly, and improves fault handling time and cost, reducing the number and duration of

HiGrid IQ-M – Management System

HiGrid’s IQ-M – Fault Management System makes a transition from traditional power grid into a smart grid. IQ-M collects and processes big data intelligence from line sensors located along the entire power distribution grid. Through real-time communication with the line sensors, IQ-M generates actionable intelligence that equips power distribution utilities with situational awareness tools and applications to operate and respond based on prevailing conditions.
HiGrid’s IQ-M provides current and anticipated fault type and profile, time of occurrence, frequency, location and grid topology change, including preemptive big data intelligence to act upon. In addition it offers data on line loads, temperature and abnormal behaviour. The data can be retrieved from the system as is or be forwarded to 3rd party management systems through API.

HiGrid IQ-A – Applications

HiGrid’s IQ-A – consists of 5 optional applications that will be selected upon specific needs and specifications of an individual provider. On one side IQ-A communicates with HiGrid units installed along the distribution network and on the other with the repair crews and Distribution Management System (DMS).
IQ-AF – Fault type analysis and location
IQ-AV – Fault location visualization on the grid
IQ-AP – Predictive fault intelligence
IQ-AS – System configuration, maintenance and diagnostics
IQ-API- Configures the system to work with 3rd party applications

HiGrid Fault Detection Capabilities

Fault Detection / Location / Prediction

HiGrid Detection Capabilities

  • Fault anticipation and early stage detection
  • Low Resistance Faults: Detection + Location
  • High-Impedance Faults (HIF): Detection + Location + Prediction
  • HIF that do not produce arc-flash events
  • HIF that produce arc-flash events
  • Phase-to-Ground and Phase-to-Phase Arc-Flash events
  • Abnormal Cos ϕ
  • Load Current (A)
  • Line Temperature and weather-related effects
  • Grid topology change detection
  • Electricity theft (specific cases)


  • Accurate fault locations (e.g. location of downed conductors)
  • Trees or bushes that come into contact with overhead lines
  • Cable insulation leakages
  • Underground cable faults
  • Direct and  indirect lightning strikes
  • Birds and animal caused faults
  • Nesting birds, roosting birds, raptors, and woodpeckers
  • Nests in pad mounted equipment
  • Fire ants eat away conductor insulation
  • Nesting materials that cause short circuits
  • Thermal aging of winding insulation

HiGrid Solution Benefits

Fully Automated Fault Detection and Surveillance

Ground faults in power distribution systems, are a common and dominating source of outages, disturbances and Cost for Energy Not Supplied (CENS). Still, localization of ground faults is a highly old-fashioned and time-consuming process representing a high share of CENS. The fault tracking is typically done by manual operation of breakers along the feeder, by the line crew or remotely operated by the operating center.
HiGrid solutions support combined overhead line and underground cable distribution networks, including self-sustained sensor units with non-conventional measurement techniques to detect the most challenging ground faults (including high-impedance faults with and without arc-flash events) and their severity. These units are typically located at every junction point along the overhead line and underground cable distribution networks and provide fully automated real-time insights on the fault location.

HiGrid IQ System Benefits

Real-time actionable insights on the health of distribution lines

  • Fully automated fault detection and surveillance system
  • Supports overhead and underground distribution networks
  • Detecting High-Impedance Faults with/without arc-flash events
  • Reduction of storm-related outage events
  • Improved system average interruption duration index (SAIDI)
  • Improved system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI)
  • The most affordable solution on the market
  • Real-time fault location detection
  • Real-time alerts to repair crews and DMS system
  • Reduced fault handling time
  • Ability to predict critical faults and their location
  • Preventive maintenance insights, so faults won’t occur
  • Remote firmware upgrades to comply with future needs
  • Significantly reduced Cost for Energy Not Supplied (CENS)